Echoes of the Atlas: A Memory Quest in Morocco

This is a journey that will allow you to explore not only the most beautiful oases of this region but also the foothills of the sand dunes and certainly the most beautiful renovated village in this area. Your trip will be punctuated by scenes in sumptuous landscapes; unforgettable moments in the heart of architecture that is both traditional and sophisticated; and finally encounters that will change you forever. This trip for a group of up to 6 people maximum is always booked exclusively - no other customers at the same time and in the same place - to live a unique and unforgettable experience.

Day 1

Arriving in Marrakech, vibrant markets and the medina's energy captivate the senses. Navigating through the lively chaos, head to the Royal Mansour Marrakech which introduces a contrasting serenity. The hotel, a hidden gem, stands as an opulent oasis amid the city's captivating buzz.

Day 2

Embark on a visit to Villa Oasis in Marrakech, once Yves Saint Laurent's residence, with its lush gardens and art collection. Explore the nearby Koutoubia Mosque, ornate Bahia Palace, and intricate Saadian Tombs. Immerse yourself in the bustling Medina and vibrant Souks, completing a rich journey through the history, art, and culture of Marrakech.

Day 3

Stay the day with a sunrise hot air ballooning experience over the outskirts of Marrakech with the majestic High Atlas Mountains in the horizon. This afternoon, delve into the vibrant art and design scene of the city meeting some of Morocco's most established artists and designers learning more about their works and inspirations. Get access to private galleries and behind the scenes to hidden ateliers.

Day 4

Join an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour led by a guide, exploring the ancient mud-brick ksar's rich cinematic and cultural history. Discover hidden corners and labyrinthine alleys, witness ongoing preservation efforts, and learn about Berber origins. Continuing through Ouarzazate and the Draa Valley to Skoura, experience a captivating fusion of natural beauty and cultural richness, immersing yourself in Morocco's heritage.

Day 5

Choose a relaxing day at the heavenly amenities of Dar Ahlam or head out to explore more on your tailor-made experiences with the Dar Ahlam team. Today is your day and you can curate it to your likings on the spot.

Day 6

This morning, head for on a once-in-a-lifetime glamping adventure in the Sahara Desert in a transformative experience that etches itself into memory. Nestled in the golden sands, Your private camp adorned with rich Berber textiles offer a blend of comfort and authenticity. As the sun dips below the dunes, the vast desert transforms into a celestial canvas, with the night sky ablaze with stars.

Day 7

Continuing our once in a lifetime journey, we head today to the nearby village of Tizkmoudine located in the southern part of Morocco, bordering the desert. Its population, organized in an association, decided to preserve the ancient village, abandoned half a century ago, and bring it back to life. To achieve this, the village association came up with the idea of a hospitality project, offering more than just a stopover for travelers, rather an experience of discovery, exchange and authentic sharing between travellers and the local community.

Day 8

Surrounded by mountains at the bottom of the Awju valley, the Red House is not within reach of the disoriented tourist. From the village of Tizkmoudine, it takes 1.5 hours to reach it. A fabulous journey through the foothills of the Anti-Atlas, to the hot water source marking the heart of the old part of the village where the building stands. Where trees are scarce, the rock plays with the sun, enveloping itself in a palette ranging from black to bright orange.

Day 9

After thirty minutes on the track and an hour’s drive, lunch awaits you in the heart of the millennia-old granary of Amtoudi. Then, rejoin the camel route towards Assa and Fask to discover your new abode, surrounded by palm trees. In the Oasis House, the mood is languid. The two small villas, inspired by the Berber culture, showcase local materials and craftsmanship. Moucharabiehs, cream-colored lounges, precious fabrics, and carved wooden stools: A Sahara tea meets Out of Africa.

Day 10

Today, head on a thrilling 4x4 excursion into the heart of the oasis. This will not just be an adventure through the mesmerizing landscapes but also a captivating journey into the rich tapestry of the Berber culture. The rugged desert terrain revealed secrets of the resilient Berber communities, their ancient traditions, and the symbiotic relationship they share with the oasis. Amidst the palm groves and ancient villages, the nomadic Berber way of life unfolded, offering glimpses into their traditions, crafts, and warm hospitality.

Day 11:

Leaving the Oasis house, we’ll head closer to the water to La Maison des Arganiers: the last stop on our memory quest. On the way, stop to enjoy the magnificent Lagzira beach with its stunning arches into the Atlantic Ocean. After that continue the journey to the House of Argan Trees.

Day 12

This morning, take a leisurely stroll through the enchanting Azragag village in Souss Massa. A sensory delight, as the air is infused with the fragrance of blooming argan trees and the vibrant colors of traditional Berber architecture adorned the landscape. The cobblestone streets led to a hidden gem - the local argan cooperative, where the ancient tradition of argan oil production unfolds before your eyes.

Day 13

Unfortunately, our adventure comes an end today. Your driver will pick you for a transfer to Marrakech Menara Airport. Thank you for trusting Inclusive Morocco as the custodian of your Moroccan dream, we hope we have made it a reality!