Northern Morocco: A Hidden Jewel

The North of Morocco offers a great alternative to the touristy cities in Morocco like Marrakech, Fez and Casablanca. With Iconic cities like Tangier known as an attraction for art and artists, Moorish-Andalusian Architecture and its slow-pace lifestyle. The North of Morocco is rich with small historic cities, the unexplored virgin Rif Mountains and stunning national parks known for bird-watching and sea-side fishing. Join us for a journey of discovery in this little visited part of the country.

Day 1

Arrive in Casablanca and head to the iconic city of Tangier via Africa's first bullet train. Enjoy your afternoon in your boutique Villa combining Moroccan hospitality with Art Deco unique design.

Day 2

This morning, head out to explore Tangier with your expert local guide. Visit the historic medina, the Kasbah and the bustling souks before taking on the coasts with a visit to Cap Spartel and the Hercules Caves. The afternoon is all about art and art galleries as your explore the city's rich artsy culture with a local gallerist.

Day 3:

This morning, depart Tangier for the day towards the Blue Pearl of Chefchaouen. Before delving into its alluring alleyways. Head to a family home in the ouskirts of the city for a cheese making workshop with the locals. After lunch, head to explore the blue town with your expert guide before returning to Tangier for the night.

Day 4

This morning, depart Tangier towards the wild coasts of the north. On the way stop to visit Rohuna Garden. Umberto Pasti arrived in Morocco 30 years ago. Once in the Kingdom, the passionate gardener and writer started one of his biggest projects. In Tangier he created Rohuna, a little piece of heaven that houses a variety of Moroccan plants.

Day 5

This morning, a join a local family in the village of Dchier for breakfast to learn more about the regenerative programs La Fiermontina Ocean leads in the region. After breakfast, drive to the nearby town of Larache for a fishing excursion with a local fisherman before heading to a local restaurant to grill your freshly caught sardines for lunch.

Day 6

Today, we depart the wild coasts of Morocco towards the medieval city of Fez. On the way, stop to explore the Roman Ruins of Volubilis and learn more about the Roman history in North Africa. Fez is a step back in time city that charms the heart and fills it as the culture is so charming and fascinating, it will definitely leave a mark on your journey.

Day 7

This morning, delve into the 1200 years old medina of Fez with your local guide. Explore the hidden alleyways and the stunning architecture. Discover centuries old palaces and medrassas and learn at close site about the artisanal skills of the people in the Chouara tanneries or the copper area. In the afternoon, drive to the nearby city of Sefrou to visit a local couscous rolling cooperative before getting hands-down to prepare your special farewell dinner.

Day 8

This morning, your driver will take you to Fez or Casablanca Airport for your international flight. Thank you for trusting Inclusive Morocco as the custodian of your Moroccan dream, we hope we have made it a reality!