Family Experiences

Glass Making in Marrakech

Produced in Morocco since the 1940s, the Beldi glass is one of the most known pieces of Moroccan craft, and it almost disappeared. In June 2013, the last factory producing the beldi glasses went out of business. They had cumulated debt and were having a hard time fighting Chinese competition.

The machinery was then purchased by the Beldi group and relocated from Casablanca to Marrakech where plans to continue producing this iconic element of Moroccan craft were implemented with sixty artisans within the Beldi Country Club. Join our artisans for a half-day learning about the lifecycle of this unique and eco-friendly product.

Basket Making Workshop

Join us for a basket weaving workshop and try your hand at three-dimensional weaving. Using natural rattan reed and different techniques, our master will teach you how to make a traditional Moroccan basket. Take your basket home with you a souvenir to remember this wonderful experience.

Light Hiking in Tangier

Located in strategic spot between the Atlantic Ocean and the blue Mediterranean waters, Tangier is famously known for its gorgeous nature and hiking trails either along the beach or in the Perdicaris park with its breathtaking nature. Today, take a break from the hustle of the medina and the city and take refuge in nature starting with a hike in the forest and learning more about the flora and fauna of the city. Our walk ends on the shores of the beach where a picnic lunch has been exclusively set up for you to enjoy. Your driver will then pick you up to return to the hotel for some relaxation time.

Book-binding in Fez

Learn the art and technique behind Moroccan bookbinding by attending a unique workshop that teaches you how to craft your own leather journal. A professional artisan will walk you through the process, divulging details of the craft's history in Morocco and the cultural impact it has today, then give it a try yourself.